Dynocom 5000 AWD dynamometer

We have the areas only AWD dyno, capable of supporting 2,000hp+ and 175mph+. It also is setup to allow both FWD and RWD cars, sport compacts, motorcycles, and ATVs.

The front portion of the AWD unit is a 2WD 5000 Series unit and is linked with a massive Gates Poly Chain:registered: GT3:registered: belt to a rear bed of 6 linked rollers with 36”-86” Inch track width.

You can do 3 power runs for $85.00 or rent the dyno by the hour for $125.00 per hour (includes dyno operator).

We also have tuners from all over the country who visit us on the Emerald Coast on a regular basis. Custom tuning prices range from $350.00 - $800.00 plus dyno time depending on your application and modifications. Please email us for scheduling.

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